Rescue Scheme
llness, death, divorce, emigration and financial difficulty are just a few of the reasons dog owners are sometimes forced to seek new homes for their pets.

The Dachshund Rescue Scheme, administered by THE SOUTH AFRICAN DACHSHUND CLUB, was introduced to assist Dachshund owners in placing their dogs in approved caring homes. If you own a Dachshund in need of a new home, or can offer a secure, loving home to a Dachshund please contact us.

Should you know of any Dachshunds at your local SPCA or any other shelter please let us know so we can try to find a new home for all abandoned Dachshunds.

Contact person:

Charmaine Miscia
Cell: 082 925 7609

Please check out our special Dachsies who so badly need a loving home on our facebook page or e-mail us for more information regarding our rescues. May 2015 Dear Dachshund Lovers, It has come to the attention of the Club that there are numerous non-shelter rescue organisations out there all helping our breed, for which we are extremely grateful! If, for whatever reason, you have to put your darling Dachshund into a rescue scheme we would appeal to you to please pick one and stick with it. The people running these non-shelter organisations are all volunteers with full-time jobs who still find the time to put a great deal of effort into rehoming your little ones and finding the right environment for them. Stay with your chosen group. Please do not ask several organisations to network and rehome your fur baby. This will not help find his / her perfect home any sooner. All it does is duplicate the work, placing extreme pressure on all the organisations involved. This is not a fair practice and is not helping your little one. The Club will assist you in every way possible, but will also appeal to you to place your trust in the hands of one of these caring organisations. Thanking you, Yours sincerely, CHARMAINE FOR THE SOUTH AFRICAN DACHSHUND CLUB RESCUE SCHEME